Ford F-150: Ford Hiding Behind Its Success

Despite all the skepticism the consumers had when Ford first reveal some of the changes that they will be making to the Ford F-150, it all turned out fine for Ford. In fact, it was better than fine as the Ford F-150 rose to become one of the best-selling truck.

Not only did the Ford F-150 sold well, but it was also awarded the most dependable large light-duty pickup by J.D. Power. Although it might look like everything is going well for Ford, that is actually far from the truth.

J.D.Power, the same guys that rated the Ford F-150 as the most dependable light-duty pickup has now released the list of brands that are considered the most dependable in the US.

Not only did Ford fail to crack the top ten list but they were kicked all the way to the bottom sitting at the number 6 spot from the bottom.

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