Fiat 500e: The Answer For Budget Watchers

To be honest, there are not a whole lot of choices when it comes to cheap cars but if you are looking for an EV model but with all the incentives we have going on right now, you might want to check out the Fiat 500e model.

According to TheTruthAboutCars, the Fiat 500e is now the cheapest car to own in North America. While the vehicle retails for $30,000 right now, they reported that you can easily get from from$11,129.

One of the reasons why the Fiat 500e is so cheap is because Fiat never intended to sell a lot of this, in fact, Fiat did say that they will be losing $14,000 for every 500e they sell.

That is because the Fiat 500e was released to meet the emission regulation in California. Without it, the other Fiat won’t be able to stay in the market. So if you are looking for a cheap EV to drive around in, you know what you need to get.

The Fiat 500e currently has an electric range of 80-100miles.

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