Faraday Future Shows How It Goes Mirrorless

The future is looking a little shaky for Faraday Future but they are certainly trying to put up a strong front for the world. We know that they plan to reveal their production model at CES 2017 but before that happens, we got to see the new side cameras that the Faraday Future model will be using.

The new camera on the side will do the job that is usually done by side mirrors. According to Faraday Future, a car mirror and only reflect and warn you but their new system will warn and react for the driver to make sure they don’t get into any accidents.

Faraday Future have been making some huge promises like giving their production model revolutionary wheels, world’s most energy dense battery and all.

It is said that if Faraday Future does not get any funds at CES next year, they will be out of the picture by February next year.

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