Faraday Future Force To Back Out Of Fight

Faraday Future was supposed to be the company that Tesla should be worried about but it looks like Faraday Future will have to back out from the fight even before the race has started.

There were already hints that Faraday Future’s is not doing great financially. The Verge and Buzzfeed News have all reported that there were claims from landlord and vendors that Faraday Future have not been paying their bills.

It has now been reported that Faraday Future will be gone by February next year if they can’t secure any funds after CES next month where they will be showing off their new production vehicle.

Faraday Future have been showing off some pretty promising concept but all of that does not matter if Faraday Future can’t even start producing them. CES will be happening next month in Las Vegas so we won’t have to wait long to see what Faraday Future has to offer.

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