Fallout 4: Making Things Tougher Now

One of the changes we know Bethesda is going to make for the Survival Mode of Fallout 4 is to make it harder than before. Players will now have to try harder to survive in this mode. SO what kind of changes can we expect to see?

The list of upgrades was posted on Reddit and Bethesda has later came out to say that the list of upgrades is genuine although they are just at the beginning stages of remaking the Survival Mode so things could still be different when the update arrives.

Based on the list, it looks like players will now have to find a bed and sleep for at least an hour before they can save the game. Fast travel has been taken out and combat in the game will be a lot more lethal than before.

You can check out the Reddit post here to see the list of upgrades Bethesda has in mind right now.


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