Volvo V40: Volvo’s Baby Rocks Premium Face, Looking Blue

Volvo was at the Geneva Motor Show where they unveiled their new Volvo V40 model. The model might be the smallest car Volvo has to offer but it is still as impressive as the other Volvo models we’ve seen.

On the outside, the Volvo V40 came in with a design that is similar to what we have seen on the Volvo S90 model including the T-Shaped headlights and grille design. Customers will be able to choose from five exterior colors although most of the option are blue. Amazon Blue, Denim Blue, Mussel Blue, Bursting Blue and Luminous Sand.

Volvo did not talk much about the engine which means it will most likely come with the standard engine offering, the D2, D3, D4 for the diesel powered models and the T2, T3 and T4 for the petrol powered models.

The new Volvo V40 will be sold for about £20,000. Sales starts now while deliveries will only be starting in June.


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