Fallout 4: Hot & Cold Release Status Explained

It was a sad ending to 2014 for Fallout fans as they were left in disappointment after a leak failed to materialize back at The Game Award event. There was a huge hype built towards the event after the host, Geoff Keighley, shared an image of him having a discussion dinner with Bethesda’s head-honchoes.

Geoff is a well-known figure in the gaming industry and has pre-announced many games before. This explains why Fallout fans are expecting an announcement involving the highly anticipated title, Fallout 4. Since the announcement failed to happen, Fallout fans are starting to doubt the future of the franchise.

That was the case until yesterday, when Geoff Keighley participated in an online interview at a popular forum. In a response to a question, Geoff explained that Fallout 4 was actually planned for announcement at The Game Award.

However, it was Bethesda that called off the announcement at the very last minute. Bethesda told Geoff that the timing is still not right. Geoff revealed that it wasn’t the first time Fallout 4 got pulled out from a planned announcement.

Of course, Geoff refused to go into detail with his explanation but the point here is that, Fallout 4 is indeed in development but Bethesda has yet to find the appropriate timing to announce the game.

Perhaps, the game developer wishes to announce Fallout 4 with a teaser trailer. Or maybe, the hype is not huge enough for an announcement. Whatever the reason may be, fans can start moving on from the big disappointment as there is no doubt that Fallout 4 will be making its debut very soon from now.


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