Dragon Age Inquisition Promoting Animal Abuse

Bioware has found itself entangled in a controversy after PETA went public to blame Dragon Age Inquisition for promoting animal abuse. The organization that protects animal slams the game as a platform that can potentially lead up to a rise in the number of animal abuse cases in the future.

This is already evident at YouTube. Just hours after Dragon Age Inquisition got released; players have been uploading videos on their first dragon kill. It gets more worrying upon noticing that the video titles shows that their conscious are dead.

Some examples include ‘Killing My First Dragon’, ‘Dragon Hunted’, ‘How To Destroy Dragonlings’ and also ‘Killing My First Ram’. The latter has nothing to do with dragons but they simply showed the immorality of certain individuals.

Of course, the above should be read in sarcasm. PETA has no word on the matter at all. It is just to show the world how big Dragon Age Inquisition is and how ridiculous criticism can be. The parody article caught our attention and we find it necessary to share.

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