2015 Toyota Yaris Review: Very Contradicting To Say The Least

City hatchbacks have never stopped trending due to their practical offerings and low running cost. Just last month, Honda updated the Fit with a brand new model and now, it is challenged by the latest Toyota Yaris.

The Japanese carmaker had just launched the next-generation Yaris and it is described as a stylish city hatchback that is packed with the latest fuel saving technologies and a host of features.

True enough, the all-new Yaris came out with some new bits like the Schnoz, rump, exterior design tweaks and an improved interior. Also, the Yaris is now built in northern France instead of Tokyo.

Unfortunately, driving the Yaris wasn’t as pleasant as it seems. We tested the vehicle out and found that it is severely underpowered. This is despite of the fact that the Yaris is equipped with a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine which offers 106hp and 103ft-lbs of torque. The engine is paired to a 4-speed automatic, or the CVT transmission, which is disappointing at best.

Also, the Yaris has poor power control. On the city streets, the hatchback likes to jolt due to the steering and the gas pedal being too light. This can be problematic to new drivers during a traffic jam or when parking the vehicle.

If it is on the highway, the Yaris is the last vehicle consumers should drive as the car lacks power and things can get pretty boring and dull. In short, the Yaris offers a disappointing driving experience.

Retailing at about $15,000 grand for the entry level 2-door model, the car is actually quite costly and consumers can get better vehicles from that same amount of money (ehm… Ford ..ehem.. Fiesta…). If there is anything good about the Yaris, it is the fuel consumption rate that stands at 24mpg.

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