Top Televisions This Year! (December 2014)

The year 2014 is days away from its close and it has been a thoroughly dramatic year in the television market. Nevertheless, we are going to name 5 of the best TVs produced this year and they are as follow.

1. Vizio P Series
The P Series came out this year to be the pioneers in 4K technology. However, its debut failed to impress. Then again, the fault was of the software and hence, been fixed through a small-time update. For about $999, the P Series is truly a nice TV to own.

2. LG EC9300 OLED TV
Retailing at $3500, the EC9300 is probably the most expensive television in the world right now. It sports a large 55” curved display and is definitely the best TV on this list.

3. Samsung UNHU9000
This is another great curved TV that offers one of the best 4K experience. Being a Samsung, consumers can also easily connect their Samsung devices with the TV.

4. Sony XBR-X900B
In terms of picture quality, the XBR-X900B is just a half-step behind the LG EC9300. Not only does the display offers life-like images, the X900B also offer speakers that is the best in the business.

5. Samsung PNF8500
Unless you’re unaware, plasma technology has reached an end this year and it is concluded by the PNF8500. The plasma TVs has served us well in the past decade or so and the PNF8500 is a perfect farewell.

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