Dragon Age 3 vs Mass Effect 4: The Measuring Contest Begins

When Mass Effect 4 arrives fans of the series can expect gameplay that is much more dynamic. It has been said that the fourth instalment will bring gamers a fresh start with a brand new storyline and protagonist.

Bioware are behind Mass Effect 4 and they have made it known that Commander Shepard will not play any part in the game. Fans are now wondering just how big the game is going to be.

The Examiner said Mass Effect 4 should have a universe that will be huge, much like Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is anticipated by gamers too. Aaryn Flynn said that Mass Effect 4 would be large along with it being ambitious and the world would be vast, offering gamers plenty of exploration. He went on to say that there will be plenty of improvements, including races that will be more playable and tactical combat.

The game may not even have the title of Mass Effect 4 but it will be placed in the same universe along with having all the traditional gameplay intact. Flynn said that the name of the game could be changed to ensure that gamers do not get confused.

Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age 3 are going to have a close relationship, after all they are two pioneer games that will have the new Frostbite engine. This engine along with the capabilities of the next gen consoles will join forces to ensure Mass Effect 4 will be a contender for the game of the year.

Source: Examiner

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