Dodge Challenger Demon Tangles Everyone In Guessing Game

We know for sure that Dodge is working on a new Dodge Challenger that will be even more powerful than the Dodge Challenger Hellcat but what we do not know is how much more powerful the new model will be when it arrives.

The latest clue that Dodge is giving is a small plate with a name and two numbers. The name, Tom Coddington is the name of one of the original Ramchargers a fuel system specialist.

The other number is 0757 and VIN 001121. Nobody knows what it means but some people are saying that it might be clues about the hp of the Challenger. Some fans predicted that the vehicle will be offering 1121hp when it arrives while other speculated that the 7.57 seconds could be the time needed for the vehicle to cover a quarter miles.

We know that Dodge will not be giving us the answer for some time so all we can do now is make a few guesses. If you had to guess, what do you think the numbers are referring to?

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