Destiny 2 Will Be Feed Spoon By Spoon

It looks like the developers of Destiny is looking to take a new approach to storytelling when they release the new Destiny 2.

Based on a new job posting by the developers, the new Live Narrative Director will be in charge of “the storytelling efforts for regular, small-scale Destiny releases throughout the calendar year.”.

We do not know what they meant by that but some poeple have predicted that Bungie might be trying to drag the main story for a whole year releasing bits and pieces every now and then so that their fans will stay with the game until the end.

While some fans are a little skeptical about this sort of storytelling, other said that this might be what Bungie needs to improve on their storytelling. The first game’s storytelling wasn;t all that great and it was clear that Bungie needed to do something about it but do you think this is the right solution?

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