Destiny 2: The Big ‘Maybe’

We know that Destiny 2 will be happening. What we do not know is when the game will be arriving and what it will be offering when it arrives.

All Bungie has said right now is that the game will be release in 2017 but that is a pretty big window and the fans are getting impatient for more. Well, it looks like more might be coming soon as Bungie reveal that they will be going to Anaheim, CA next week.

We know that the PlayStation Experience will be happening in Anaheim, CA and that it will be happening on the 3rd and 4th of December so where they are heading is not really a secret. The question now is what they will be doing at the event?

Fans believe that Bungie could be there to reveal some extra details about the upcoming Destiny 2 game. Others are hoping that there might be a demo for those at the event. What do you think it will be?


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