Volkswagen Atlas Tired To Look American, Failed Miserably

Volkswagen will be releasing new Volkswagen Atlas here in the US. The SUV is going to come in as Volkswagen’s biggest SUV here in the US. To make sure the vehicle is a hit, Volkswagen decided to give it a design specifically design for the US market. Too bad the specific US design is not what we all wanted.

While it is nice of Volkswagen to think of the folks here in the US when designing the car, the actual fact is that people were hoping that they would give it a German design so that we here can finally own a huge SUV that looks like a European vehicle.

Well, in case you are still interested, the Altas was fitted with a broad chrome grille and also pumped up wheel arches. You can also check out the video where Volkswagen explain how they ended up with the final design. Protection Status