Death Stranding Is Playing A Dangerous Game

Fans were not too happy when Konami decided to kick Kojima out on the curb and thus resulting in the cancellation of the new Silent Hill game. We also know that the fans were not the only ones that were pissed off at Konami. Soon after that happen, Kojima announces that he will be working with Guillermo on a new game and the actor have also openly shown that he is not happy with what Konami did.

To many, the new game Death Stranding in all about showing Konami what they have missed out on but what if it all did not turn out the way we see it. At this point, everybody thinks that Kojima will complete the game, the game will be a huge hit and Konami will have to live with the huge mistake they make.

However, we also know that the new Death Stranding game is not the Silent Hill game that Kojima wanted to create. In fact, looking at the trailer, it is clear that the game is a totally different game.

We are all expecting it to be amazing after seeing the Silent Hill P.T but here is the thing. What if the game ended up being bad? We hope that is not the case but Kojima is playing a very dangerous game here.

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