2018 Subaru WRX STi Will Need To Cover More Grounds

Subaru WRX STi is not the only performance sedan in the market that is suffering right now. It was been reported that the overall sales for performance model like the WRX STi have been going down. Some people think that it might be because people are more interested in SUV, Crossovers and hatchback models right now.

We know that automakers like Ford and Honda have hatchbacks models that were very well received and some people are hoping that Subaru would do the same. In fact, they are hoping that Subaru would turn their Subaru WRX STi model.

Subaru has never indicated that they were looking to build a new Subaru WRX STi hatchback model but if they do, the hatchback version might help bring the WRX STi sales number back up.

The Subaru WRX STi would be going up against models like the Honda Civic hatch, Ford Focus RS, Golf R and more. Do you think Subaru should go down that route?

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