Death Stranding: Better News For PS4 Owners

The Death Stranding game itself is pretty much still a huge mystery but at least now we know that the game will not be a Playstation 5 game. Kojima recently suggested that the game could be a PS5 game but new reports from Dual Shockers are saying otherwise.

Dual Shockers reported that Kojima has already confirmed that the game would be a Playstation 4 game. There are already rumors saying that we will be getting the game in 2018 but no confirmation has been made yet.

As for the game itself, there are tons of fan theories out there but it looks like there is still more to discover as Kojima said that they are still clues in the trailer that his fans have not spotted yet but he is worried that the fans will crack the code soon. Does it mean that the fans are close to the answer?

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