Dead Island 2 Sumo Digital To Blame For The Wait

Fans of Dead Island have been waiting for Deep Silver to release the sequel of the game for years now and after years of waiting, it does not look like we are getting any closer to the release of the game.

After changing a few hands, the fans thought that it is the end for the sequel but Deep Silver has made it clear that they are still working on developing the game. They also announce that the game will be delayed.

While most people initially believe that the game was delayed because Sumo Digital was still trying to get things sorted out, it is not believed that the reason behind the delay is because Sumo Digital might have decided to throw out all the work that the previous developers has done and started fresh.

It is said that Sumo Digital is working out a new storyline and well as new mechanics for the game. If that is true, it will explain why the game is taking so long to arrive but nice there is no way of confirming the rumor right now, it is best to take it with a pinch of salt for now.

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