Dead Island 2 Sumo Digital The Real Reason Behind Delay

We understand that games that changes a few hands will need for time to be completed but with so little details about the upcoming Dead Island 2, many fans believe that the game is actually way further than we think it is and that we might have to wait for a few more years before we see the game. Some fans also believe that Sumo Digital might be the one to blame here.

After passing through a few hands, the Dead Island sequel landed in the hands of Sumo Digital. It is believed that instead of continuing from the previous developer, Sumo Digital decided to scrap everything they have done so far and start fresh.

That means new storyline, new mechanic and more. If that is true, it is highly unlikely that the game will make it out this year. In fact, we would be lucky if we actually get to see the game next year.

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