Dead Island 2: Still Nothing To Show

The Dead Island games was an instant hit when it was first released and fans have been looking forward to seeing what the sequel will have to offer but that can only happen if the game arrives.

While there were speculations that the game might have bee canceled last year, we know now that the developers are still working on it but what we do not know is when the game will be arriving.

Since the game has changed a few hands, we were expecting a slight delay but fans have been waiting for months now and we still have no news about the game. Some people believe that when Sumo Digital took over the game, they threw all the previous development into the trash can and decided to start fresh them there. That means a new story and new mechanics. That would explain why they are taking so long with the game.

Do you think we will get to see something this year or will it be another quiet year for the Dead Island fans.

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