Xbox One: Scorpio Will Deliver The Killing Blow

A lot of people had assumed that the arrival of the Xbox One Scorpio would mean the end of the Xbox One. It was speculated that Microsoft will eventually stop supporting the Xbox One once the Scorpio arrives but it looks like Xbox One users will have nothing to worry about.

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft will continue to support both the Xbox One and Xbox One S for many years. The tweeted it after a fan asked him with the project Scorpio was going to make the Xbox One obsolete.

It is easy to see why some fans were worried. We are already seeing it happening to the Wii U now that the Nintendo Switch is almost here and it would make a lot of sense for Microsoft to push the Xbox One S and Scorpio instead of the older Xbox One.

However, that is not a problem that we will have to worry about for now. Protection Status