Dead Island 2: No Ending To Wait

We are happy that Deep Silver made it clear that they are still working on the Dead Island sequel and that they have not given up on it yet but how long more will we have to wait? If the rumors are true though, we might have to wait for a few more years before we actually see the game.

Even though Sumo Digital has just gotten their hands on the game, the game has already been in development for some time now and based on how long a game like this usually takes to be completed, we should be seeing something by now.

The fact that we are not is the reason why fans are getting worried. The fans are worried that we might see it this year. There were rumors saying that Sumo Digital might have decided to throw out everything that the previous developers has done and work from scratch.

That includes a new story for the game as well as new mechanics. If this is true, we might not even see it this year. Hopefully, Deep Silver will shine some light on the matter soon.

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