Dead Island 2: Does It Matter Anymore

The Dead Island game was a huge success and fans were more than happy when Deep Silver announce that they will be working on the sequel for the game. However, with all the delays and roadblocks the game seems to have, will the game be worth the wait. After such a long waiting period, does it matter if the game arrives or not?

Although the game has been delayed many of a times, it is clear that the fans of the game are still looking forward to getting their hands on the sequel. There is not a whole lot of information on what the game is about but we do know for sure that Deep Silver is still working on it.

As for when it will be arriving, that is a whole other story. The last time we heard, the game was being pushed back once more and that we could be looking at an end of 2016 release but with so little details right now, it is hard to believe that the game will actually make it before 2016 ends.

At this point, we are only hoping that the developers will give us something more to chew on before the game arrives.

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