2017 Lexus RC 350 Not Taking After IS?

There is really not a whole lot of details about the next Lexus RC 350 F Sport right now. While some people think that it will be getting some sort of an upgrade to match the Lexus IS model, others are saying that the 2017 will not be getting a facelift and will still look like what we gave now.

Fans are hoping that Lexus will give the Lexus RC 350 an update for 2017. Most of them are hoping that they would do something about the Lexus RC 350 face which many seems to agree is not the most flattering face for the RC 350.

Lexus has never mentioned anything about giving it a facelift and videos of the 2017 Lexus RC 350 seems to suggest that they will be keeping the interior just as it is as well.

What kind of changes were you hoping to see on the 2017 Lexus RC 350?

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