Dead Island 2: Developers Wanted The Delay

Dead Island arrive just when the world was crazy about zombies and apocalypse and that was one of the reasons why the game got so much attention. Soon after the game was release, the developer promised that there is going to be a Dead Island 2 but that promised was made a few years ago and now, it still does not feel like we are any closer to the game.

We know that the game has passed through the hands of a few developers now and that is why most people already expected it to be a bit late but with so little details about the game right now, some people are beginning to think that we might have to wait for a few more years before the game arrives.

There was report suggesting that one of the reasons why the game is taking so long is because the current developers, Sumo Digital has decided to give the game a new story as well as the mechanic.

While that might help make the game better, it also means that the game will need more time now. Of course, we do not know if that is true or not so take it with a pinch of salt.

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