Dead Island 2: As Silent As The Dead

The last we heard from the developer was that the game will be delayed. That means the game will be missing the 2016 release date. Since no new date was given, fans are now left wondering if the game will even make it for 2017.

Fans have been waiting for the game to be release for years now. We know that the game was thrown from developers to developer so a little delay is expected but with so little new about the game, it is clear that the wait is far from over.

It is believed that Sumo Digital could be the biggest reason why the game is taking so long to complete. There were speculations suggesting that the developers might have decided to ditch all the previous story and mechanic and come out with new ones for the game. If that is true, it would definitely explain why the game is taking so long to complete.

While we do not know when the game will be ready, we do know that the game is not canceled as Deep Silver reassured fans that they are still working on the game last year.

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