Counter Strike Taken Down By Overwatch

Counter-Strike has always been one of the top PC games and they are always on the top in terms of revenue but this year, they have a fierce new competitor and it looks like their competitors will not have any problem taking down Counter Strike.

It has been reported that Overwatch topped the list as the game with the most generated revenue on PC. According to SuperData’s research, Overwatch is not on the top followed by Counter Strike. Almost second is not a bad place to be, we must also point out that Overwatch’s revenue more than doubles what Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with $585,6million compared to the $257,2million revenue that Counter-Strike had.

What’s more interesting is that these games that are on the top did not have to use microtransaction to boost their revenue.

The other games that made it into the list include Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, Fallout 4, and more.

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