Buick Avista Concept Might Be A Threat To Camaro

Even though the Chevrolet Camaro was given an upgrade this year, the upgrade wasn’t very well received mainly because Chevrolet decided to keep most of the design around and only worked on improving them. The problem with a plan like that is that new models like the Buick Avista Concept can easily outshine the Camaro.

The concept, which was on display at the Detroit Auto Show received a lot of attention. It was also given a few design award soon after. While Buick did not say if the concept would make it into production or not, those at the show were hoping that it would.

If the Buick Avista Concept does end up becoming a production model, we think that Chevrolet and their Chevrolet Camaro should start worrying since the vehicle would probably come with a similar price tag and performance.

All we need now is for Buick to give it the green light.

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