BMW M4: Won’t Leave Any Stones Unturn

When it comes to the 4 Series, BMW wants to make sure that they have everything covered so that they have something for their all their customers.

Those looking to drive on the road will have the BMW 430i and 440i while those looking for some road and track drive will be offered the BMW M4. Drivers that wants to go full out on the track will be offered the BMW M4 GTS now but BMW might be looking to release a cheaper version.

The new BMW M4 will most likely come in to sit in between the BMW M4 and the BMW M4 GTS. The vehicle was spotted by spies when it was out getting tested on the track in Nurburgring.

From what we can see, the cheaper M4 GTS will be coming in with an upgraded design that looks like the special-edition M4 Competition Sport and BMW offered in Spain. The front end design, huge wing, and sporty rear diffuser look very similar.

Of course, they are only suspecting that it is. There are other that think it would be the M4 but we think that is highly unlikely since the vehicle has just gotten an update not too long ago.


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