Titanfall 2: Dev Heard Them Loud & Clear

It was clear that the Titanfall fans were not too happy with a lot of the changes that Respawn made to the sequel. From removing the Titan meter to the missing Ai, it was obvious that the fans were not sold on the new style of playing Titanfall and the developer heard them.

Soon after the beta version of the game was released. Respawn has now stepped out to explain why they made some of the changes to the game and also announce some of the changes that they will be making the to game as well.

We know that the players were not too happy when they notice that there was no Titan Meter. Many of them felt that the new change turned the game into a Call of Duty game and they were not happy. From what Respawn has announced, it looks like the meter will be coming back. They also seem to be working on the speed issues of the pilot.

You can check out some of the changes that they have confirmed and also read about their reasoning behind some of the changes here.

Steven Estevez

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