BMW 7-Series, 3-Series Finally Keeping Up In Terms Of Tech

BMW models like the 7-Series and 3-Series are not short of tech but it was missing one important tech, the Apple CarPlay.

BMW might be late to the party but they are finally going to offer their customers the Apple CarPlay infotainment system but it will not come without a price to pay. To have you BMW running with the Apple CarPlay, customers will have to pay an additional $300 when you but a new BMW model.

The Apple CarPlay feature will be offered on most of the models including the 2-Series until the 7-Series as well as the X and M Series. The electric models like the BMW i8, i3, M5 Sedan as well as the 440i Coupe will have to wait a little longer.

The new CarPlay infotainment system will allow users to sync their iOS device to their BMW.

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