Titanfall 2: Developers Not Confident With It?

After all the negative response they got when they release the beta version of Titanfall 2, it does not surprise us that Respawn would exclude Titanfal 2 from the EA Access and Origin Access.

The benefit of having these games on EA Access and Origin Access is so that PC and Xbox One players can actually try the game out for free, get an early access to the game or get a discount when the game arrives. Those hoping to do all that with Titanfall 2 will be disappointed to know that the game will not be offered.

According to Respawn the Titanfall 2 will not be part of EA Access and Origin Access but they did add that it might be included in the future.

Soon after the announcement, fans have started commenting that the reason behind the exclusion could be because the dev is not confident that the game would impress their fans and that they do not want to kill the game before it is released.

We do not know if this is the right move for them especially since the fans were not too happy with the beta. They all want to know if the necessary changes have been made and excluding the game is only going to make them feel more skeptical about Titanfall 2.

Steven Estevez

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