Blackberry Mercury: The Last Of Its Kind Only Days Away

Blackberry made it clear that they will continue to sell smartphones in the future but they will stop producing them on their own. Blackberry is looking to focus on the software side of smartphone and has made it clear that they will be getting another manufacturer to build their phones in the future just like what Google is doing right now.

The upcoming Blackberry Mercury will be the last smartphone made by Blackberry themselves and it has now been reported that the device might be announced at CES 2017.

Like most of the Blackberry model, the Mercury will also come with a physical keyboard but unlike the Blackberry Priv, users will not be able to hide this as this keyboard will not be a slidable keyboard.

The device is said to come with a 4.5inch display. It will be running on the Snapdragon 821 processor with 3GB RAM and will be fitted with an 18MP rear facing camera.

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