Blackberry Keyboard Future Not That Bleak

Physical keyboards is no longer that popular or desirable now but Blackberry has been trying to make sure that those that wants to have one will be able to by offering their smartphones with a physical keyboard.

Since they are the only ones offering them right now, you can imagine the panic The New York Times cause when they announce that Blackberry will be ditching their physical keyboard and that there will not be any more of them in the future.

Blackberry announce that they will stop manufacturing the Blackberry Classic but due to misreported information, new places started reporting that Blackberry will stop manufacturing smartphones with a physical keyboard.

Blackberry senior vice president had to step up to clarify that the reports were wrong and that the keyboard is here to stay. As long as Blackberry keeps making smartphones that is. We know that Blackberry is working on a few more Android smartphone but we do not know when they will be arriving.

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