Mazda BT-50 Steps Down For Isuzu

The pickup truck that Mazda is offering in Australia right now is a rebadged version of the Ford Ranger, a reminder a Mazda’s and Ford relationship but Mazda is looking to cut things loose soon.

With the Mazda BT-50 production ending soon, Mazda has already announced that they will be developing a new truck to take the place of the Mazda BT-50. They also added that they will be working with Isuzu to come out with the new next-gen pickup truck.

The press release states that the upcoming Mazda truck will be based on an Isuzu pickup truck but no other details were released. However, if you think that you will be seeing the new truck compete with the other trucks here in the US, you will be disappointed because Mazda has no plans to bring their truck other to the US anytime soon although it is not like we are running out of choices here in the US.

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