Bioware’s “Five Days Of Freebies” Won’t Include Games

Bioware will be holding a special “Five Days of Freebies” contest where their fans can take part and win some prizes this holiday season. While the freebies will be related to their games, do not expect to see them give out free games this year.

The Five Days of Freebies started on the 21st of December. To take part, fans will need to retweet Bioware’s tweet to stand a chance to win one of the special freebies. The freebies will include items like the limited edition signed copy of The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition and more along that line.

When Bioware first announce it, a lot of people thought that they were going to give out free games but that is not the case. Well, the items also look pretty cool if you happen to be a fan of the [particular game so start retweeting. What other items do you think Bioware shuold be giving out this holiday season? Protection Status