Best iPhone 6 Feature Discovered: You’ll Be Surprised

The Apple iPhone 6 was launched back in September this year and it is ultimately one of the best smartphones in history. Many applauded the iPhone 6 for having a bigger screen, sharper display, longer battery life and a performance like no other.

Well, there is actually another great thing about the iPhone 6 that you may not be aware of and it is with the device’s speakers. The hardware was widely criticized for its positioning at the bottom of the iPhone 6 but it is wrong to accuse it of being average.

The speakers on the iPhone 6 are simply superb as it is loud, clear and produces high quality sounds. This is not an exaggeration. We personally tested the iPhone 6’s speakers in a small bedroom and the sound it produced is perfect for users to share their songs and view videos within a group of people.

Of course, if a party is going on, then the iPhone 6 still requires the aid of external speakers. The point here is that the stock speakers is perfect and ideal, even when in outdoors. Apple certainly did a fine job in offering speakers that can only be rivalled by that of the HTC One M8.

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