Apple MacBook Upgrade To Be Announce Later This Month?

The are now new rumors suggesting that Apple might be planning something that might be related to the Mac line. MacBook users have been hoping that Apple give the MacBook a much need upgrade and it looks like it might be happening soon.

New reports are suggesting that Apple is planning to host a keynote and many believe that the keynote will be for the Apple MacBook. It is said that the event will be happening on the 24th of October this year.

We do not know if this rumor is the real deal or not but the fans are hoping that it is. It is said that the new MacBook Pro will be coming in with a lighter and thinner design and that it will come with the new Touch ID tech as well as an OLED strip which will show the users additional information like Wifi Status, time as well as battery life.

How many of you think that this is going to happen?

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