Xiaomi Mi 5s Can Handle Sharp Objects But Not A Fall?

There is not a whole lot of details about the Xiaomi Mi 5 right now but it is believed that the device will be coming in with a ceramic body. So what benefit will the Mi 5s get from the ceramic body?

Well, scratching the device will be much harder now but ceramic is also not the most durable material out there which mean the Xiaomi Mi 5s could shatter easily if you were to drop it from a certain height.

Of course, it is still better than the glass that many smartphone manufacturers has been offering but it is not as durable as metal.

Other are worried that the thermal conductivity of the ceramic would cause the device to overheat on the inside without the users noticing it and that could lead to the phone getting damaged and most people won’t eve know what went wrong.

It was also speculated that the Xiaomi Mi 5s could be coming with a two rear cameras.

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