Apple MacBook Pro Is Wasted Without This Feature

The Apple MacBook Pro might not be the laptop that we all thought it would be but since it is already here, we might as well make full use of it. Here is the app that you will need to get for your MacBook Pro to make full use of the laptop.

The Touchbar is one of the features of the MacBook Pro that helps it stand out from their competitors. While more and more developers have already started integrating their app to the Touch Bar, the BetterTouchTool app is what you need to get to make full use of it. The app allows users to customize the Touchbar to have any button they want. You can even put in websites, specific folders and more.

The app will also allow you to customize the function of the Magic Trackpad, Siri Remote, Magic mouse and the Mac Keyboard as well. If you would like to try it out, you can get it from their official site for free for the first 45days. If you would like to continue after the 45days, the license will cost you $5.

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