Apple iPhone Could Have Been This!

There are a lot of things that made the Apple iPhone what it is today and one of it is the interface that they have been using since the beginning but if things had been slightly different, we might have been using an Apple iPhone with a totally different interface than the one we see now.

We know that before Apple decided on the current interface, there was the AcornOS that looks more like the iPods. No many people have actually seen the interface in action by Sonny Dickson has now released a video showing the world how the AcornOS looked like.

Based on what we can see, we are glad that we did not get this interface. The OS feels like a hassle to use or maybe we are just used to what we have right now. We do not know if the AcornOS seen in the video is the real deal or not but you can check it out for yourself and decide.

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