Apple iPhone 8 Won’t Leave Samsung Alone

The decision to release a smartphone with a curved display might have been the decision that saved the Samsung smartphone. Things were slowly down fast for Samsung but they manage to get things back up after the release of the curved screen device. Now, the curved screen is Samsung biggest selling point. With all that success, you can bet that Apple is watching.

New rumors suggest that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will be coming in with a curved display. It is said that the curved display will be offered on both the smaller iPhone as well as the large size iPhone.

It is said that the Apple iPhone 8 will be coming in with the OLED display from Samsung. This report came after rumors surface about Apple thinking about releasing an Apple iPhone 7S this year instead of an iPhone 8. We do not know which is true right now so it is best to take it all with a pinch of salt until we hear from Apple.

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