Apple iPhone 8: Better Late Than Never

We still do not know or sure if the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be coming with an Iris scanner or not but if it does, you can be sure that Apple will be offering it the next time.

According to the DigiTimes, Apple might be looking to offer the Iris scanner on their upcoming 2018 Apple iPhone 8 model. With talks about the Iris scanner being for more secure than the fingerprint sensor, it makes sense that Apple would want to adopt it eventually.

With reports of the next Apple iPhone coming with a huge design upgrade and tons of new features, the iPhone 8 looks like the one we all need to watch out for.

New leak images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 does seem to show the new Iris scanner on the phablet. If the scanner is widely excepted as being the better security feature, we should be seeing more and more smartphone manufacturer offering the feature next year.

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