Apple iPhone 8: Apple iPhone 7 Users Will Not Be Happy

Apple made it clear that the Apple iPhone 7 will only come with a new minor update which is why many people believe that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to be the one to watch out for.

It is said that it will be coming with a brand new design. Although we still do not know how the Apple iPhone 8 will look like when it arrives, one artist envisions that it could end up looking like this.

The concept seen above was created by artist Veniamin Geskin will come with a wrap-around display. We know that Apple did file a patent for it so it could be happening. The artist also gave it a ceramic casing instead of metal.

We do not know if the Apple iPhone 8 would end up looking like the concept or not but we won’t be mad if it does. What do you think of the Apple iPhone 8 Concept design?

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