Apple iPhone 7 Plus Not Afraid Of The Cold

We know that Apple up their protection game last year when they release the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. With the IP67 rating, we know that the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is tough enough to handle dips in pools but we never thought that it could also survive an icy Russian river.

A video seen on Instagram showed a diver bringing the frozen iPhone from the river. It was reported that the iPhone 7 Plus was dropped into the river the night before and they waited until the next day to retrieve it.

The iPhone 7 Plus last more than 13 hours in the river and it still worked. Some people are saying that the video was staged. You can check it out for yourself here and tell us what you think.

Even if the video is real, we are saying that you should dump your iPhone 7 Plus in icy water the next time you come across one. You might not be as lucky as the owner in the video.

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