Apple iPad Pro Announced Tomorrow Hints Online Store

There have been a lot of speculation about Apple preparing to announce their new Apple iPad Pro tablets but so far, Apple has not given us any dates. However, some reports are claiming that the announcement will be happening tomorrow after it was revealed that Apple would be closing down their Online Store tomorrow.

Based on Apple’s System Status, the Apple Store will be closed for “maintenance” on the 21st of March from 3 am to 8.30am Eastern Time. We all know that Apple always does that when they have a new product to announce and the consumers believe that this is the same as well.

It is believed that Apple is preparing to release the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2, the Apple iPad Pro 10.5inch and the iPad Mini Pro. It is believed that the two largest model will come running on the new A10X chip.

At this point, it is all just speculation but we should know the answer by tomorrow.

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