Apple iPad: Middle Child Ready For Mid-year Release?

There were a lot of talks about Apple preparing to release their upgrade Apple iPad this year. It is said that Apple will have three iPad to offer this year. A 12.9inch iPad, a 9.7inch model as well as a new 10.5inch model.

According to DigiTimes, Appleā€™s supply chain believe that Apple plans to release the 9.7inch Apple iPad first and wait a little while before they release the 12.9inch and 10.5-inch model.

They added that both the 10.5inch and 12.9inch model will only be arriving in the middle of 2017 and that they will both be fitted with the new A10X chip from Apple. We do not know if the smaller model will be getting the same chip but it looks like Apple might want to offer the 9.7inch model as the affordable model. If that is the case, it might come with a different chip.

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