Apple Finally Teases iPhone 8 Feature We All Need

The Apple iPhone 7 was great but all eyes are on the Apple iPhone 8, the device that is said to come with all the major upgrades.

There has long been talking that Apple might be considering the wireless charging feature for their upcoming iPhone. The features have been around for some time now but with Apple’s sudden interest in cutting off all wires, having the iPhone 8 come with wireless charging now does make sense.

A lot of people were not too happy that Apple wanted them to share their charging port with the new headphones and a new wireless charging system could help change that.

While Apple has not confirmed it, a new leaked 2017 Apple Keynote invitation does suggest that the rumor might be right. The keynote tagline states that Apple is “Getting Down To The Wire”.

It could mean anything but most people believe that it will have something to do with wireless charging.

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