Apple Car To Much For Apple To Handle

While Apple never really did announce that they are working on a new Apple Car, most people do believe that they are working on one based on the leaks and speculations out there.

It is believe that Apple’s original plan to create a self-driving Apple Car but there were also report suggesting that Apple has been having some difficulties with it because of their lack of experience in car building.

It was reported that Apple has now pulled Bob Mansfield out of his retire to that he can lead the project and now new rumors are suggesting that Apple might be shifting from building a car to building a self-driving software.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will focus on the self-drive software now while they work out a partnership with an automaker or maybe purchase a car maker in the future.

It looks like Apple is still trying to get their idea to work and we will have to wait and see if it leads to anything.


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